Grants For Women

Government Grants For Women!

For years females have actually worked as well as battled to acquire equal rights! The fight is not over!
Every year WOMEN business owners get over $100 million from federal government programs.
The Free Government Money Exists! You have to take the action as well as require the Federal government to supply to you exactly what is rightfully your own anyway!

Women have the biggest possibility of any kind of group to gain from the Federal Governments generosity!

Hundreds of government grant sources, loans, venture capital, business management, technical assistance, advertising and marketing help. Every year Over 500,000 women start their very own business. Statistics show that two out of every three new businesses are started by women. As well as women are more successful compared to men. Women have a 75% higher change of success in business ownership!

Additionally discover $80 Billion in Federal Government Money & Private Scholarships for women who intend to go back to school or train for a new Job or Career.

Take a look at these Grants for women!

  • $20,000.00 To Start a Business In A Small Town!
  • $40,000.00 In order to Help an Ailing Business!
  • $12,000.00 To Obtain Her Business Degree!
  • Grants for College and Higher Education
  • Grants for a New or Existing Business
  • Grant Money for Low Income Families
  • Grants for Healthcare as well as Housing
  • Personal Grants and also Household Needs Grants
  • $30,000 To Begin An Online Business
  • $15,000 For Entrepreneurs With Handicaps
  • Money For Women To Start A Small Business When They’re Out of Work
  • $250,000 To Start A Day Care Center
  • Money, Training and also Child Care When You’re Beginning A Business
  • Free Seminars On Ways To Sell Your Products Overseas
  • Start your Business and Do Not Pay Tax Obligations For 15 Years
  • Over $1 Billion To Work with New Ideas and Innovations
  • $75,000 If Your Business Is Negatively Affected By Imports
  • 80% Discount Rate On Energy Consultants
  • $25,000 To Send Your Staff Members To Computer Training Classes
  • $3 Million To Help Low Women Start a New Business
  • $50,000 To Spruce up An Old Building
  • $2 Million For New Ways To Recycle Old Tires
  • $150,000 In Grants To Start A Coffee shop
  • Up To $75,000 for Working Out Of Your Home
  • $10 Billion In Government Contracts For Women Owned Businesses
  • Receive $5,000 To Make Sales Calls Overseas
  • Receive $10,000 For Every New Job You Create
  • Get Paid To Go To Entrepreneur Classes
  • $15,000 For Single Moms To Help Them Get Into The Real Estate Business
  • $20,000 To Start A Business In A Particular Postal Code
  • Save $2,000 On Preparing a Business Plan
  • Receive $100,000 To Create A New Product
  • $25,000 To Begin a Home Based Business as well as 1000’s of various other Grant Programs are available for Women.

This is only an example of the resources that we provide you with!

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